Rachel Weisz A Beauty at 40

Rachel Weisz picture

Rachel Weisz still looks cute @ 40! - the British beauty turns 40 on Monday.

Starting her career in the drama department of Britain's posh Cambridge university, Weisz soon caught the eyes of casting directors around the world and has become one of the U.K. most glamorous models

Rachel Weisz Facts

- she was offered a part in Richard Gere's movie "King David" in 1985 when she was just 14 - but her parents wouldn't let her do it.

- She gets her latin beauty from her mother's Italian ancestry.

- She has a degree from Cambridge and she is fluent in German.

- How to pronounce Weisz? say Vice!

- Rachel Weisz is linked to star Daniel Craig after splitting from Darren Aronofsky last year.

- Weisz took over from Kate Moss as the face of Burberry in 2006.

- Gemma Arterton is Rachel's biggest fan - insisting she'd "love" a career like the actress.

- Rachel Weisz was voted the woman most men want as their wife by British magazine Esquire.

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